What drives Solar Wind?

Solar Wind in Color
MC Solar Wind started writing poetry at just 10 years old and his passion for Hip Hop music grew at this young age after being exposed to the passionate, oft-angry/introspective and controversial Eminem.  Marshall Mathers served as a gateway to young MC Solar Wind while he spent the next four years studying Hip Hop music and culture as one might tackle classic literature.  Solar Wind was engrossed by the birth of Hip Hop culture out of a struggle for social justice, freedom of expression and freedom of speech.  He greatly looked up to artists such as NaS, Rakim, KRS-One, Tupac Shakur, Mos Def, Common and Talib Kweli among others.

Behind the Name

MC Solar Wind saw an opportunity to hone his skills and share his personal experience, struggles, failures, triumphs and philosophy through recording and live performances while he was still in high school.  It was actually during a senior year Calculus course that he decided upon the name “Solar Wind” for his artistic pursuits.  The name has multiple meanings:

  1. It has a nice ring – sounding mysterious and intriguing
  2. It is a metaphor.
    a) Solar Wind (scientific) “The continuous flow of charged particles from the sun that permeates the solar system.”
    b) Solar Wind (hip hop name) “Breathing life into hip hop music – a positive and mysterious agent of change.”
  3. Environmental – as many of us one day hope for, MC Solar Wind would like to see our dependence upon fossil fuel diminish in the near future.  Using this name is one way to generate awareness about alternate and viable forms of energy.

Identity Crisis

MC Solar Wind struggled early on to find his own identity in Hip Hop music – trying out several different styles as a youngster.  As a “rapper” of Middle Eastern descent (along with many other ethnicities), he initially didn’t know where he would “fit-in”.  During college, MC Solar Wind realized that Hip Hop at its essence was about being true to oneself, about never selling out, about keeping things open, honest and direct.  He decided to only write about the things that mattered to him and to continuously write songs that challenged his own beliefs and perceptions in order to edge closer to the truths hidden in plain sight.

What’s to Come

After releasing I AM SOLAR WIND on 12 21 12, MC Solar Wind is focused on his next project to be released in January 2017 – approximately four years after IASW hit the internet.  Originally slated as a mixtape, #ALPHA will now be a full length studio album.  The majority of the tracks recorded in Bronx, New York after the MC resigned from his corporate job to pursue music full-time.  MC Solar Wind has also been planning another album and revolution for over a decade tentatively slated to be called “Light Speed.”

I AM SOLAR WIND at IASW Mixtape Link.


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