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Take a moment to listen to a few songs. Just a collection of collaborations with artists such as Rex Mac, Chris Borelli, Kalee Burrows, Ivan Almeida, Spitz and Rowlan. :) These tracks have been previously released.  Much more to come, so check back often!


Now, don’t let the title fool you – this is not a conservative rant. Rather, a progressive and introspective look into the internal and external world of MC Solar Wind.
He quips: “I believe in progress, always progressing/ I believe in heaven ‘cept I’ll build it with no weapons/ I believe in companies with triple bottom lines/ I believe in profit shared with people and not swine/ I don’t believe the president will ever be fine/ When the dude debates himself as comedy in prime time…”



Come Back

Come Back (Ahmir Contest)

It’s All Real

It’s All Real feat. Spitz


Golden (I’m Already Gone)

Golden track

So Crucial

So Crucial (Love Song)


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